Embrace the benefits of B2B Marketing LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best place for SME’s to create your credibility and position yourself as a thought leader to engage with prospect and develop business relationship.

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

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What’s the best social media for your business? Some of the SME’s are not sure what platform to use, with so many social websites out there, we have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and many more. Social media is more than posting selfies, it’s more than posting your new clothes,jewelry,pets,food etc, there’s more to it than you could imagine, confused? How about B2B Marketing LinkedIn? Does it work? Here’s the facts, LinkedIn has grown from being simply a recruiting tool to become a valuable marketing platform. The misconception about LinkedIn is that it’s only intended for job seeker, well there’s more to it. LinkedIn is one of the handiest tools for professional networking and marketing, but it’s one that SME’s don’t take advantage of. Target-oriented marketing campaigns can be carried out using the diverse advertising and targeting options. In B2B sector, LinkedIn can have a positive influence on branding, customer commitment and the generation of leads. LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunity, and it’s the ideal resource for B2B marketing especially for SME. All that remains to be done is to leverage LinkedIn in the best possible way.

LinkedIn Stats

LinkedIn as a success marker when it comes to b2b marketing.

B2B Linkedin Stats

“Every skilled Craftsman knows that there is a tool for every task, and it’s good to keep that tool, and use it to its potential”.

LinkedIn is the real deal for B2B Marketing. Stats to prove that LinkedIn is the #1 social network  for b2b marketers. 

  • There are approximately 347+ million LinkedIn members worldwide
  • LinkedIn network is growing at a rate of 2 sign-ups per second
  • #1 social network for driving traffic to corporate websites
  • 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content compared to previous years
  • More than 2 million unique publishers are using LinkedIn to share button and to share content into the social networking platform
  • 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on the social networking site.
  • 80% of B2B social network leads comes from LinkedIn
  • The increase in leads B2B marketers are generating on LinkedIn is at 150%
  • Discussion groups produce 86.3% of conversion

How to harness LinkedIn for your business

The birth of LinkedIn signals great hope for start up companies,it give SME’s the chance to be competitive,to have a voice and share insights. LinkedIn is shaping and reinventing the so called SME’s of today.With so many great things written about LinkedIn as a B2b Marketing  lead generator it’s undeniable that most of the SME’s now are awaken to the reality that there’s no way to move forward rather than LinkedIn. SME’s! if you want to be In then Linked! LinkedIn.Not sure yet how to harness LinkedIn awesome power. Here are the 7 Strategies you might find helpful to boost your B2B marketing perspective:

  • Create lead generation page-be an attention seeker, use an eye catching image that  creates interest, create a clear and compelling pitch in your company description, and finally make your recent updates section clickable and conversion-focused.
  •  Showcasing company page-it’s the best way provide information on your LinkedIn traffic and what you have to offer that is unique and innovative.
  •  Advanced Search is essential -You could use this to check on demographic,age,gender,sector etc for your leads venture. It gives you an incredible way of identifying the exact type of people you’re targeting,it widens your prospecting. Note that your second connections always replies to your request,use it well.
  • Consistency-create a way to stay active in prospecting. You have to maintain and store bundle of contacts in order to have a steady pipeline of sales and connections.Save previous searches for future reference.
  • Join Groups-which is highly relevant that match what your seeking in a target audience, search group that are very active and build a strategic alliances.When choosing group make sure that your presence will be notice and that your contributing or adding value to the group.
  • Start Groups- be in control,when you become the owner and moderator, you gain leadership and recognition in the industry,upon achieving this,you have the privilege on tapping to a wide range of leads.
  • For even more exposure start Publishing  – but first you need to have a plan,the message you want to convey and what’s your target before publishing.It could mean your”make or break”. One of the benefits of publishing among others is an increased in your influence because your  content will actually appears on their LinkedIn news feeds. LinkedIn members who are publishing has more likely a wider reach than those members who are not.


Sales and lead accelerator

Once you have acquire those target leads it’s time to build your sales pipeline,finding the right connection is important and building relationship with this people for information and referrals is a plus.Be active and engage with your audience by publishing great content and insights that will eventually leads to sales conversation,but you could only do this once you have established your online reputation and credibility,people will come to you and endorse your brand.









LinkedIn has released a report that shows that of the 81% of the SME’s using social media regularly, a huge 94% use it for marketing purposes .Of those companies,91% say that a social media presence helps them to increase brand awareness and 82% say that the platform has helped them draw leads. This is a clear indicator of the value of the social media especially LinkedIn and what it provides to a rapidly growing companies. You should never just stick to one network, but if you're an SME, sign up and engage with people in LinkedIn now. LinkedIn aims to become the ultimate business and professional social media platform, which SME's could use to their advantage.

According to the founder and chairman of the business oriented networking site  Reid Hoffman. It’s better to be best connected than the most connected.

Now it’s time for you to get connected.

Sign up to LinkedIn: The next success story might be yours.










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